Direct Marketing

Before TV, radio or billboards, people used face-to-face interactions to bring products straight to the customer.

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Brand Awareness

Our position within the market is not just to bring on board customer acquisitions but also raise a clients’ brand awareness.

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As so many businesses grow, one thing that separates us is the amount of training that's given on a daily basis.

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About Our Company

Zenith Ideas is a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing to clients in Ireland. Located in Dublin, Zenith Ideas develop and execute interactive direct marketing campaigns.

  1. We have a professional and friendly sales force to take your product to the consumer
  2. We personalise our campaigns to suit your needs
  3. We align our campaigns with your marketing goals, to ensure you get the most from your budget

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Zenith Ideas was an idea that Oliver Lane had last year which has grown from just an idea into now a successful marketing company with a strategy that equals and bypasses any other marketing service in Dublin. The idea started as a place where you could grow in knowledge and skills from the offset. So for Oliver as a manager he knew that he would have to learn or improve on something every day, an action which is now passed on to the future managers of the business.

By taking care of each other we can put each other into a better position than by standing alone. This will show within the ongoing training that is provided on a daily basis plus the never ending search for new managers. We also strive to maintain certain standards of the highest quality. One of those standards being immaculate customer service and excellent client relations which we already maintain with one of Europe’s biggest companies.

Together we Stand, Divided we Fall.

Zenith Ideas makes sure to uphold the soundness of moral character, honesty and to ensure the highest level of Customer Service. No matter how, no matter where, no matter when, Zenith Ideas maintains these principles on a day to day basis. Inside Zenith Ideas is the idea of developing ourselves that motivates and drives us to our goals. With constant training and development we work towards bettering ourselves and those around us to succeed and excel.

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We provide everything you need todeliver a compelling marketing campaign
We align our campaign with your marketing needs and demographic