About Us

Everything you need to know about Zenith Ideas

Our Company Zenith Ideas

Zenith Ideas was an idea that Oliver Lane had last year which has grown from just an idea into a successful marketing company with a strategy that equals and bypasses any other marketing service in Dublin. The idea started as a place where you could grow in knowledge and skills from the offset. So for Oliver as a manager he knew that he would have to learn or improve on something every day, an action which is now passed on to the future managers of the business. It was never the intention to grow one company but instead to grow an organization which would span not just Dublin or Europe but the globe.   At Zenith Ideas, Oliver and his fellow entrepreneurs look for people who have an idea and strive towards hitting their goal at any cost.

Our Skills

Direct Marketing0%
Brand Awareness 0%
Campaign Management0%
Training and Development0%

Our Core Values

93 %

Adherence to moral and ethical principles

Zenith Ideas makes sure to uphold the soundness of moral character, honesty and to ensure the highest level of Customer Service. No matter how, no matter where, no matter when, Zenith Ideas maintains these principles on a day to day basis.

90 %

Growth and improvement from the outset

Inside Zenith Ideas is the idea of developing ourselves that motivates and drives us to our goals. With constant training and development we work towards bettering ourselves and those around us to succeed and excel.

98 %

Hard Working

Zenith Ideas ensures that it is at the highest of standards. Within our first year we hope to open up five more hubs spanning across Ireland and the UK.