Zenith Ideas Give 3 Top Tips to Handling Sales Leads

Zenith Ideas Give 3 Top Tips to Handling Sales Leads

14:18 04 July in Marketing

Direct marketing specialists Zenith Ideas highlight that all sales leads must be treated individually, and offer three things to remember in order to turn a sales lead into a loyal and happy customer.

These days a sales lead can come from anywhere, whether a potential customer happens to come across a business through word of mouth, or is shopping around to sniff out the best deal, it’s important to remember that all leads are just as important as each other. To turn these leads into sales Dublin-based direct marketing agency Zenith Ideas believe that businesses should focus on gathering all the available information they can on their customers. By keeping hold of information such as this, businesses are better equipped to adjust their products and services to meet their customers’ needs, and knowing what a customer really wants is the difference between a sale and a lead going cold.

Being on the frontline, the customer service department is the vital link between the customer and the business. To fully meet the customers’ needs, a business needs to ensure that the marketing department has easy access to the data gathered by customer service. A customer will find it highly irritating and frustrating when these two departments don’t communicate. A lack of communication can cause mistakes that lose the business sales, such as a customer with an unresolved complaint receiving a torrent of marketing material, or marketing emails being sent to a customer who already has the said product. By making sure customer service information is constantly being fed to marketers, following leads will not only produce sales, but will make the sales experience enjoyable and easy for the customer.

To keep customers happy and sales figures up, Zenith Ideas offers three pieces of advice for businesses to keep in mind.

1)      Obviously, it’s important to assess the priority of sales leads, as some may appear more promising than others. However, businesses shouldn’t completely discard leads that aren’t immediate sales. The reason behind the potential customer’s lack of interest may be one shared by other possible customers. By keeping the lead open a business can answer any queries and take suggestions of how they could improve their product or service which, could help secure more sales in the future.

2)      Different forms of communication suit different people. Many find phone calls inconvenient and disruptive, so contacting these customers by phone is a fast track way to losing them as a customer. Keep a record of potential customers’ preferred method of contact, whether this be by email, call or text.

3)      By keeping the information of potential customers up to date businesses can provide a more personal experience, which is more likely to transform a lead into a sale. Taking the time to learn about each customer creates an image of a business that cares about their customers and sees them as people, rather than just another sale.

Zenith Ideas are experts in direct marketing solutions and understand just how important it is to create strong lasting relationships with customers. By interacting with customers directly, their clients can learn a lot about their target market and adapt and improve their products to best suit their customers’ needs. Direct marketing allows the sales force to meet customers face to face and quickly pass any vital data back to the marketers. This gives a business a greater understanding of their customers and the means to close more deals.